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The connection that you have with your adult toys is something very special, and taking care of them is extremely important. Many of the toys are exceptional in various ways, and if not maintained properly, they could break or transmit harmful bacteria or STIs. Here is an overview of a few tips to keep your toys in tip-top shape.

Use the right Lubricant

There are certain lubricants that can damage your adult toys irrespective of whether they are just okay with your partner. For instance, silicone-based and oil-based lubricants can cause a lot of damage to “realistic skin” toys. Accordingly, it is important to just avoid them and instead stick to water-based lubricants which are approved for use with a number of adult toys

Use specialty cleaners when cleaning your toys

The fact that you use soap on your body doesn’t mean that you should clean your adult toys with soap too! Just using any type of soap to clean your toys can make them irritate your moist intimate areas, dry out, and even crack. Strive to use special cleaners that are particularly made for sex toys. In this way, you and your toys will be safe from harm.

Store your adult toys separately

When you store your toys together, bizarre things can happen. They can break down, meld together or even share bacteria. Separate them by wrapping each in its own clean and dry storage sack.

Bottom Line

Your relationship with your adult toys should be as delicate and special as any other relationship in your life. Taking good care of them will go a long way in keeping them fresh. Simply put, give your toys love, and they will love you back!

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